In the tradition of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
serving those most in need…

we share in a ministry of service to young people who are disabled

we promote the integrity and well-being of families

Our spirit of caring reflects compassion and respect and a
profound belief in the sacredness and value of each life.

we are strengthened by mutual support and commitment to excellence

we provide each individual in our care the opportunity to achieve his or her potential in an atmosphere of acceptance and love



Philosophy of Care

In the spirit of St. Francis,
all who come to us are to be treated
with dignity and respect.
No matter what may be their limitation,
race, color or creed,
each one is a masterpiece formed by God.

By our attitude of acceptance of children as they are, we strive to provide an atmosphere
where a child can sense that he is loved,
is worthy of love,
and thereby is enabled to blossom
and grow to that fullness of life
for which she was created.

Aware of God’s deep compassion
for the sick and suffering,
we use our talents
confident that God is with us,
and no effort will be lost.
We bring strength to each other
by our mutual support and affirmation.

In serving our children,
we not only give but we are offered
many opportunities to receive.
As the Lord Himself has said,
“As often as you did it for the
least of my sisters and brothers,
you did it for me.”